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Lightweight and long-lasting, metal roofs offer plenty of benefits for commercial buildings. Contrary to popular belief, though, metal roofs are not entirely maintenance-free. To achieve the long expected lifespan of metal roofing and to preserve its efficiency, metal roofs need a little regular attention.

A trusted Dallas roofing professional with extensive experience in metal roofing is a great source of information and advice about caring for a metal commercial roof. A qualified roofer can also perform the regular roof inspections required by most roof manufacturer warranties in order to catch a variety of roof issues before they escalate.

First, facility managers in charge of maintaining a metal commercial roof should know the type of metal used in the roof's production. This is important information because different metals don't necessarily mix well together. In fact, allowing different metals to rest or rub against the roof can cause chemical reactions that lead to damaging corrosion. Some metal items to watch out for include replacement screws and bolts, antennas, drains, vents and decorative elements, all of which can harm the roof if their metal composition is not the same as the rest of the roofing material.

The roof's metal make-up also determines its maintenance and repair procedures. For instance, steel roofs can be vulnerable to rusting and should be watched closely for oxidation.

The expert roofers at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or residential roofing.

When rust spots are discovered, they should be treated with rust inhibitor and re-coated to limit the rust's spread. Facility managers should check with their roofing contractor for specific care instructions and follow recommendations closely.

Dented metal panels should be addressed immediately. If the dent can't be hammered out, the panel should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent costly leaks and further roof damage.

The metal roof's paint also should be inspected regularly. About five to 10 years after installation, metal roofs can be enhanced and restored with a new layer of roof coating. Re-coating is especially helpful toward the end of the roof's life expectancy. This new layer of protection wards off corrosion, leaking, chalking and other issues that are common to aging roofs. New coatings can also improve the roof's resistance to hail stones, ultraviolet radiation, heat gain and ice. Some experts recommend that metal roofs be re-coated about every 10 years for maximum performance.

Even after the metal roof has reached its life expectancy, its usefulness is not finished. Metal roofs can be repeatedly recycled, so facility managers should talk with their roofers to ensure that the old roof is headed to a recycling center instead of a landfill.

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