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Low-slope roofs are more prone to specific kinds of problems that require preventive maintenance or repair. Regular inspections can identify many of these problems. Older roofs are more susceptible to damage, but their longevity can be extended with proper care. Dallas roofing professionals recommend keeping an eye out for these specific kinds of low-slope roof damage.

Wind damage can exacerbate issues caused by inadequate flashing and open seams on low-slope roofs. Billowing and tenting can result, and, in extreme cases, the roof can be blown off entirely. Once a roof has been damaged by the wind, it's more likely to experience tears and punctures in the future. While wind damage can also affect other roof types, low-slope roofs are more susceptible. Solutions to mitigate wind damage are specific to wind patterns in the building's area, and roofing professionals can craft a maintenance schedule to catch issues early on and repair damage.

Leaks affect all roof types, and they can cause severe damage to the inside of a building. Repairs are often expensive if the leak isn't addressed immediately. Common causes of leaks on low-slope roofs are laps that have been installed against the flow of water in addition to poor seam adhesion.

The roofing contractors at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or emergency repairs.

Many leaks are repaired with caulk, but this repair method isn't a good long-term solution.

Many roof punctures are a result of foot traffic on the roof. Sacrificial membrane layers can be installed in areas of the roof that may need to be traversed to reduce the risks. Wind and falling branches from storms can also cause punctures, and it's important to inspect low-slope roofs after severe storms to catch any potential problems. While the nature of low-sloped roofs can limit the amount of water that enters a structure through punctures, they should still be repaired as soon as possible. Failure to do so could make the home's infrastructure susceptible to water damage.

Unfortunately, roof problems can also be caused by poor installation or repairs. The only way to avoid poor workmanship is to carefully vet roofing professionals. Professional contractors are trained in proper roofing techniques and the newest technologies, and they have the skills, experience and equipment to perform installations and repairs that will hold up over time. They offer a warranty on their work and carry insurance in case anything goes wrong. Choosing a qualified professional to take care of a roof is one of the best ways to prevent costly damage. In addition, professional contractors will also choose the materials that are most appropriate to low-slope roof maintenance and repair.

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