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Roof longevity is a consideration for every homeowner. It impacts a household's budget, and it plays a part in the level of comfort a home provides its residents. This article looks at the factors that affect how long a roof can last, and it gives advice for extending a roof's life.

A roof's longevity depends principally on the type of roofing systems used. In regard to Dallas roofing, most homes have shingles. The lifespan of the average shingled roof is about two decades, but premium shingles can last beyond 50 years.

Other long lasting roofing materials include metal and architectural tile. Expect metal roofs to last 40 years or more. Tile typically carries a 100 year warranty.

Natural forces also play a role in a roof's life. While extreme storms can obviously destroy homes, severe storms bring wind and water that can undermine a roofing material's effectiveness.

Roofing materials with longer than average lifespans also fight wind and rain better than economy shingles, which sometimes lose the battle to strong gusts of wind. Those gusts can also bring large tree debris down upon a roof. While whole trees can instantly spell a roof's end, branches can do damage that requires repair. If that damage goes unnoticed or those repairs simply go undone, the roof's life will likely be shorter than expected.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or residential roofing.

Wise homeowners keep a watchful eye on their roofs.

Roofs in Dallas also have to contend with sunlight. As important as sunlight is to organic life, its ultraviolet rays change the composition of many roofing products. Over time, UV rays turn shingles and tiles dry and brittle. Multiple sites of cracked or broken materials on a roof are signs that it needs to be replaced.

Of course, the decisions a homeowner makes during a roof's lifetime affect how long it can last. Homeowners who allow debris to collect upon a roof should expect it to wear out faster than a regularly cleaned roof. Leaves, twigs and pine needles offer water a chance to pool, and pooled water damages roofs.

Scheduling routine roof inspections is a good decision. To increase the length of a roof's life, plan to have it inspected by a professional at least once a year. Asking a pro to look at a roof following any harsh storm is also wise.

Making the right decisions can improve any roof's longevity, and it can allow homeowners to spend less money on their roofs in the long run.

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