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Living roofs have been around for centuries because they are valued for their energy conservation properties. These often rural, foliage covered homes dot the landscape of Europe, but they are now becoming part of the U.S. urban landscape as well. Living roofs provide city dwellers with a number of benefits. They are easy to install, cost little and last a very long time with proper care. A certified Dallas roofing professional can help homeowners decide if a living roof is a suitable choice for their property, but here are some facts to help interested property owners get started.

There are different options for living roofs, and the type homeowners elect to use depends on many factors. However, most residential properties choose to install extensive living roofs, because of their hardiness and low maintenance. Sometimes property owners feel that their homes may not be able to sustain a living roof, particularly if they have a pitched roof dwelling; however, living roofs can be installed on a great variety of roofing surfaces.

Flat roofs do offer more options and can sustain both vegetative and flower gardens. On flat structures, seating and/or dining areas can be incorporated into the garden so that the owners can enjoy the view. Pitched roofs are generally better suited to flowers and succulents. These are very low maintenance and rarely even need watering once they are established. Both types provide enormous benefits to the property owners.

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One of the most desirable characteristics of the living roof is the energy saved on both heating and cooling the property. In the winter, the extra layer of growing medium and plant life provide additional insulation. In the summer, the greenery helps cool the air via evaporation and protects the underlying dark roof from damage from the sun's rays. Green roofs also combat the heat island effect, which also helps lower cooling costs.

Green roofs provide a natural habitat for urban birds and animals and also help the city by reducing rainwater runoff. Runoff can become contaminated when flowing over parking garages and/or city walkways, but rooftop gardens filter and decontaminate about 90 percent of the water that falls on them. This lowers pollution overall and helps keep the city's water supply clean.

Because of the benefits of green roofing, both the federal and many state governments are offering property owners tax incentives to defray some of the cost of installation. Most of the time, these incentives are in the form of tax credits, which lower a homeowner's taxes by a predetermined percentage. Depending on the size and cost of the installation, the benefit can be significant.

A green roof can be an excellent investment for many types of dwellings since they can last up to 80 years and provide a sustainable and useful roofing system.

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