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Dallas Roofing: Article About Leaking Roofs and Roof Vents

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Every homeowner dislikes brown water marks on the ceiling. They usually indicate a serious roof leak. However, it's not an easy task for the average homeowner to identify the source of such a leak, especially if it involves a roof vent.

If Dallas homeowners suspect a roof leak or see the telltale brown marks on a ceiling directly under the attic, they should contact a Dallas roofing professional. Trained roofing professionals can quickly track down the source of roof leaks, and they will offer affordable repair solutions guaranteed against leaks in the future.

If repairs are taken care of immediately, they will not lead to more expensive repairs in the future. Left unattended to, roof vent leaks don't only cause unsightly ceiling stains, but in time, they may also seriously damage the structure of the whole roof.

Roof leaks involving roof vents usually mean leaky metal or rubber seals that surround plumbing stacks or vent pipes, electrical poles or air vents. These seals are called collars or boots. With some types of roof vents, metal flashing is placed around the vent pipe and up under the shingles to shed rain.

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Then, a collar or boot is placed over the flashing to weatherproof the hole where the vent enters the roof. This keeps the moisture out of the attic.

Even a small leak around a roof vent can allow enough water to enter under the shingles and underlayment to rot the plywood roof decking. If not repaired, this same roof vent leak will eventually rot the attic rafters that support the roof. It will also create a breeding ground for mold and mildew in the attic space, giving the attic and anything stored there a musty smell.

Roof vents provide adequate ventilation for the attic and without them moisture buildup would seriously deteriorate the whole roof. However, roof vents can fall victim to moisture too, developing cracks or rust over time. The collar or boot that surrounds the vent can also rust and leak, allowing water to enter under the shingles and rot the roof decking.

Dallas homeowners should consider contacting a roofing professional to inspect roof vents before problems with leaks arise. A rusted or cracked roof vent can leak for quite some time before the damage is actually visible to the homeowner. By the time is leak is finally discovered, quite a bit of rot and other damage will have begun to deteriorate the roof.

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