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Regularly inspecting and maintaining a roof can help ensure the structure's longevity, efficiency and durability. An important part of the process is making sure that gutters and drains are ready to perform well during a storm. During fall, leaves and other natural debris can clog gutters and downspouts, creating the potential for a serious problem during heavy rains. While many homeowners may choose to handle this job themselves, hiring a professional Dallas roofing company is always a great choice.

It may only take a few leaves to cause a blockage in a gutter. This blockage, when not attended to in a timely manner, can prevent water from escaping the roof. This standing water can put a lot of pressure on roofing materials, leading to serious damage over time. This can become an even bigger problem during freezing weather. Ice dams can compromise a roof's ability to prevent water from entering the attic, which can lead to water damage and mold growth inside the home.

Drains and gutters should be checked throughout the year for debris build up, but fall is an especially crucial time of year to be vigilant. Day-to-day accumulation of natural foliage, combined with unexpected thunderstorms, can lead to bad situations. A stained portion of a roof can be a sign that previous undetected blockage caused water to pool.

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A stain may suggest that a roof is particularly susceptible to blockage. A wider range of signs can be difficult to detect without the appropriate experience and training.

It's highly recommended that homeowners hire professionals to inspect the roof and gutters on their property twice or more per year. The more natural debris there is around a property, the more often a professional inspection will be necessary. Roofers can perform a variety of tests to ensure that the roofing components are working as designed. The subtle signs of roofing damage can be spotted by professionals, but may be missed by untrained eyes. These include problems with mortar, flashings, seams and sealants. While the inspection is taking place, a professional will also ensure that gutters, downspouts and other components are securely fastened to the home.

Some homeowners may avoid an inspection due to the upfront costs, but not acting can be much more expensive in the long run. Regular maintenance inspections will ensure a roof is ready to enter a wet period at any time. Homeowners who take advantage of this service can save themselves from endless headaches in the future.

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