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Foam board insulation is a rigid, stable material that can be used on the roof's underside or exterior side. This material is popular among homeowners who want the benefits of a well insulated home but do not have an extra 16 inches of attic space to install fiberglass batts. This kind of insulation is best for homes that do not have many obstructions through the roof's surface as each cut made into the board reduces its effectiveness. During the installation process, Dallas roofing experts will use a variety of adhesives and fasteners to keep the insulation in the desired position.

The most common way to put rigid foam insulation on the exterior side of the roof's decking is to use an adhesive. Construction adhesive is a fast and easy way to affix rigid foam core boards without having to make holes in the insulation. Roofers can put one quarter sized dollop of the cement every 12 inches across and down each of the boards. The adhesive can then be spread out with a utility knife or just pushed with firm pressure onto the plywood, which will also spread it out. This method is quick, inexpensive and simple to do.

If a home is located in a place prone to strong storms and high winds, the roofing crew may desire to use a stronger type of fastener.

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Roofing screws are often the item of choice in this situation. A power drill with a screw head attachment is used to drill the screws into position. The screws need to be long enough to penetrate all the way through the foam and into the plywood, but they should not extend beyond the plywood. For a typical roof consisting of 2 inch foam core boards and 3/4 inch thick plywood, a 2 1/2 inch long screw is a good choice. The screws can be used in addition to the construction adhesive for even greater strength.

Nails are the least common way of fastening foam insulation boards to a roof. This is because the nails offer little resistance to wind and will shift in response to changes in the temperature. Nails are good to use if the insulation is being placed on the interior side of the roof, which is the attic side, as this place will have less wind and fewer thermal extremes. Nails can also be used to affix thin strips of foam or oddly shaped pieces around roof protrusions like chimneys and flues.

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