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Metal roofs have become more popular as their benefits are becoming better known. However, the installation process for metal roofs is a bit different than asphalt shingle installation. Although Dallas roofing professionals should install the roof to ensure that it is done properly, homeowners should have a basic understanding of how the process is done.

First, the roofer will measure the roof so the proper amount of materials can be purchased. This involves determining the roof slope and the total area of the roof. An additional amount of materials will be purchased in the event of waste. The proper materials in the desired color and style can then be purchased along with other pertinent materials, such as fasteners and drill bits.

Before the new metal roof can be installed, the old roof must be torn off down to the sheathing. If the sheathing needs to be replaced, it will be replaced at this point. The gutter system may also be replaced or repositioned as well. If it is needed, a layer of insulation will be installed before the metal panels are added.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or emergency repairs.

When it comes to the installation of the new roof, edging, also known as eave flashing, will be installed along the edges of the sheathing. Once this is completed, each metal panel will be placed one by one. The first piece will span the longest point from the peak to the eaves. The panel will overhang the edge flashing slightly so that water coming off the roof will not damage the walls of the home. Screws designed to be used in metal roofing will be used.

As the next panel is added, the edges should be overlapping by at least 1 inch. This process will continue until the entire roof has been covered. In some cases, silicon may be used as a sealant to provide a tighter seal.

The very last step is to add the flashing. The flashing consists of pieces of sheet metal that surround roof penetrations, such as chimneys or skylights. They prevent water from leaking underneath the panels and into the attic. It should be noted that the metal flashing should be made from the same metal the roof panels were made from.

When a metal roof is installed properly, homeowners can expect it to last at least 50 years if not more. Those who have questions regarding the maintenance and care of their roof to extend the lifespan should talk to an expert roofer.

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