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Dallas Roofing: Article About How To Prepare Roofing For Winter

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In order to prevent weather damage in the colder months, roofing should be properly winterized in late fall. Any structural problems detected at this time should be addressed promptly. If the roof needs some repairs, it is important that one contact Dallas roofing experts to help fix the problem.

First and foremost, any debris such as fallen leaves should be cleared from the roof, as they can trap moisture on the roofing, resulting in leakage or mold. Debris on the roof can also eventually end up in the gutters, causing blockages in the drainage system and resulting in even greater leakage issues.

Any surrounding trees with low hanging branches near the roofing should be trimmed. If left untrimmed, these branches can crash onto the roof during severe winds, potentially causing broken shingles or drainpipes, or even severed phone or power lines.

During the winter, wildlife is more likely to seek shelter in buildings as a result of the cold, so the roofing should also be checked for signs of pests.

Damage from chewing or animal droppings signify the presence of unwanted residents. These animals should be eradicated as promptly as possible.

The expert roofers at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or residential roofing.

Any areas of the roof that may provide shelter to wildlife should be modified to discourage pests from taking up residence.

Regardless of the surrounding vegetation, all gutters should be cleaned prior to the arrival of winter in order to ensure sufficient drainage of water off the roof. This can be done by the homeowner with the aid of a garden hose, or hired out to professionals. Likewise, all downspouts should be checked to make sure that they are free of obstructions or leaks.

If it is not done already, the attic should be insulated in order to prevent the formation of an ice dam. Adequate air circulation should be ensured in the attic to prevent areas of the roofing from routinely getting too warm or too cold. Even heating of the attic can help prevent the build-up of ice on the roof. If there is a concern about prolonged periods of below-freezing temperatures, installing heating cables can be a worthwhile investment to increase the life and performance of the roofing.

The roofing should be inspected for signs of damage. Loose, broken, curled or otherwise damaged shingles should be replaced. Any defects in the flashing should be repaired. Any evidence of leaks should be addressed immediately. If the homeowner would like to ensure that no problem spots are overlooked, a professional roofing inspection can be conducted by a roofing company.

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