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All roofs, no matter what types, are big investments. As such, homeowners expect their new roofs to be properly installed and to last as long as they are rated to last. While most Dallas roofing contractors do everything they can to make sure the home is protected against the elements, there are some contractors out there who do not take the same care when installing a roof. In order to avoid these contractors, homeowners should do some research and ask the potential contractor several important questions.

First, homeowners should ensure that the prospective contractor has a full company name, an address at a physical location and if they have insurance. If a roofing company does not have a physical address, this can be concerning as they could potentially be a temporary contractor. Additionally, contractors should have liability insurance and workers' compensation.

It should be ensured that the contractor has the proper roofing license that was issued by the city or state. Some counties may also require that the roofer have a license. The homeowner can actually check this by going to the licensing offices and looking to see if the contractor does have a license and if it is up to date.

Most, if not all, contractors guarantee their workmanship although work on a roof is usually under warranty for about a year.

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However, homeowners should ask how long the work is under warranty for anyway as some contractors provide much longer warranties. The actual roofing materials should be under warranty by the manufacturer. This means that roof will have two different types of warranties.

Next, it is a good idea to determine if the contractor employs subcontractors. This in itself is not a problem; however, homeowners should be asking the subcontractors the same questions as the main contractors to ensure they can do the work they are being paid to do.

Finally, the contractor should be able to provide references for past work that the company was involved in. Although this can be difficult if past homeowners do not want their information to be available, it is highly recommended that potential customers check what references are available to ensure that previous customers are happy with the work that the contractor provided. If the homeowner does the research and ensures that the contractor that is being hired will provide the best service possible, the new roof should perform the way it is supposed to and should last for years to come.

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