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The gutters of any home need to be cleaned ever so often. If not, buildup can cause serious damage to the roof and home below. Many homeowners neglect cleaning their gutters because they don't realize how important this upkeep is. It can also seem like an unnecessary or impossible task, but homeowners should know that it's neither. When cleaning, one should follow basic safety guidelines. Several of these tips are listed below for the benefit of homeowners and their Dallas roofing maintenance.

The biggest fear in cleaning gutters comes in regards to the ladder. That is why it is necessary to choose the best possible ladder for the job. Homeowners should be cautious about grabbing the old rickety thing lying around their basement if it hasn't been used in ages. One should choose a ladder with safety catches and steps that are both easy to climb and don't show signs of decay. Also, the ladder should be a proper size so one needn't overextend when cleaning the gutter. For a final ladder safety measure, one should remember to never rest a ladder against the gutters or drip edge.

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Most gutters are made from aluminum that was not meant to hold such weight, and it may crush under the ladder. Another danger exists if the ladder shifts weight against the flimsy surface of the gutter. A spotter should always be at the bottom of the ladder to hold it in place.

Homeowners should also take great care to wear the proper equipment for avoiding possible injury. Thick goggles should be worn to cover the eyes. Debris can be deceiving. A pile of filth can actually be a colony of insects of animals. One should be ready to face such issues. On top of this, any of the mineral buildup one may discover could have a harmful effect on their vision. In the same way, thick gloves should be worn so that the hands are not exposed to filth and sharp edges. Leather gloves will protect the hands from any abrasions or grimy materials filled with bacteria. For homeowners who plan to walk on the roof, rubber soled boots are a must. The right shoes will reduce the likelihood of falls that can result in serious injury.

Gutter cleaning is not the most dangerous or dirty maintenance job a homeowner can find themselves doing. Still, there are basic safety guidelines one must abide by. Regular gutter cleaning will keep the water flowing where it should: off the roof.

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