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One of the biggest concerns homeowners have about purchasing or restoring a historic home is the idea that older homes can't be energy efficient. This isn't true, but many people aren't aware of this. Like any building, it's always possible to make a historic home more energy efficient, starting with installing a green roof. If a homeowner is considering installing a green roof, they should talk to a local Dallas roofing company about their options. While it's possible to install a green roof without disturbing the home's original character, the process requires professional help.

Green roofs aren't as popular as their more traditional counterparts, but they're swiftly rising in popularity in more earth friendly towns. There are three types of green roofs: extensive, intensive, and semi intensive. An extensive green roof has thin soil and very small amounts of irrigation and intensive green roofs have deep soil and irrigation systems.

Before a homeowner of a historic home goes through with a green roof installation, they need to consider why they're putting in this type of roof versus a traditional roof like clay tile or wood shake shingles.

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The reason for installation will play a big role in what the green roof actually looks like, and no matter what specific type of roof is installed, it should never alter the home's historic character. When a preservation project is underway, the priority is maintaining the existing historic materials. As a result, a green roof may be better suited on a home where the current roof requires a total replacement versus a home with an original roof that's been well maintained over the years.

A flat roof is the best choice for a green roof installation. Because it's flat, putting in the soil, plants, and irrigation system will be infinitely easier, but it will also be hidden from view. The roof's existing parapets will do an excellent job of shielding the green roof from street view so the home's aesthetic isn't disrupted. Preservation advocates agree that a green roof and any of its features should not be visible to the public right of way.

A green roof has many positives. They lessen the cost of running HVAC systems, improve storm water management, and insulate the building. While these are important benefits, they won't outweigh changing the home's historic quality. Before a green roof is put on a historic property, its benefits must absolutely outweigh removing any existing historic materials and features to consider it a good decision.

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