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Energy efficiency is important for everyone. An energy efficient roof, also known as a cool roof, can make a big difference in a home's overall energy footprint. Homeowners who want to go green and install a cool roof have many options. Energy efficient asphalt shingles are some of the many materials that homeowners can use on a cool roof. Consulting with an experienced Dallas roofing contractor can help them understand those options and make the best choice for their home.

Energy efficient asphalt shingles have come a long way since their debut in the 1970s. The first ENERGY STAR rated shingles only came in white. Today's cool shingles come in a variety of colors. By making changes to the shingle's composition while remaining true to its basic structure, modern asphalt shingles no longer passively absorb the sun's energy and radiate it into the attic where it can cause a host of roofing problems.

Asphalt shingles consist of a backing made of a nonwoven material that is soaked in asphalt to facilitate water shedding. The backing can be either fiberglass or wood fiber. Shingles are then coated with mineral granules to protect them from the sun's energy.

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The most important innovation has been the composition of the mineral granules. Modern shingle granules are made from proprietary blends of minerals and reflective materials that are then enhanced with reflective coatings.

There are many advantages of using cool asphalt shingles. By reflecting the sun's energy instead of absorbing it, homeowners in warm climates like Texas have seen their attic's temperature drop by as much as 50 degrees, which translates into significant energy savings. Because their HVAC units do not have to work so hard, they have also seen a reduction in HVAC failure and repair costs.

Reflective asphalt shingles are an environmentally responsible roofing choice because reduced energy use for cooling directly translates into less fuel burned to produce energy and fewer greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

The usable life of an asphalt shingle is determined by the rate at which the asphalt deteriorates, a process that is exacerbated by heat. Because they are highly reflective, cool shingles last longer than standard asphalt shingles. Longer lasting shingles lead to fewer shingles in landfills, giving environmentally conscious homeowners another reason to choose reflective shingles.

When combined with an adequately ventilated attic containing the correct amount of insulation, choosing reflective asphalt shingles can have a positive, measurable impact on the environment and the homeowner's bottom line.

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