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Dallas Roofing: Article About Facts About Rubber Roofing Shingles

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Rubber roofing shingles are a great new product on the market. These shingles are made from recycled plastic and synthetic rubber, such as old tires. Rubber shingles can be made to resemble wooden shingles, but the rubber material is much more durable and does not crack or split. In addition, this roofing material will never rot like wood shingles. They do not curl, tear or fall apart like asphalt shingles, or shatter like clay tiles.

If a Dallas homeowner is interested in more information, or perhaps a quote on having rubber shingles installed on their home's roof, they should contact a qualified roofing professional. A Dallas roofing contractor can provide detailed answers to homeowners' questions about this innovative new roofing material. The Dallas homeowner can also set up regular roof inspections for the maintenance of the new roof after it is installed.

Rubber shingles are very flexible and do not break when walked upon. This makes the job of inspecting roof vents or chimney flashing easier to accomplish. This improved flexibility also makes rubber shingles impervious to hail damage as well. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, have a granular outer layer as part of their construction design. Once this layer has been knocked off by hail damage, the asphalt shingle material begins to immediately disintegrate.

The expert roofers at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or gutters.

Rubber shingles have no such layers and are solid all the way through, making them tough to penetrate and damage.

Rubber shingles do not appeal to pests that would destroy an ordinary roof. Birds don't seem to be interested in these shingles because they don't contain the grit that birds like to eat as a digestive aid. Rats and mice rarely chew on a rubber-shingled roof because it is not organic material and can't be digested.

Additionally, these type of shingles can be molded to imitate slate shingles, using ground up slate dust. Rubber shingles will blend with any architectural style and can last for 30 to 50 years with proper roof maintenance. Rubber shingles also weigh significantly less than slate, tile or wooden shingle roofs.

As an added bonus, Dallas homeowners that have a roof with rubber shingles will enjoy substantially lower home insurance rates with a Class 4 roof. Besides premium discounts, some insurance companies also offer lower policy deductibles for homeowners that install rubber roofing shingles. The reason rubber shingles are favored by insurance companies is because they are fireproof and relatively more hail proof than traditional shingle material.

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