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There are a number of factors that impact whether a roof is in need of replacement. Among those factors are whether the roof was properly installed in the first place and the ventilation system used in the initial installation. The climate of the area in which the home is located is another significant factor. Other factors are the possibility of wind or storm damage. A reliable Dallas roofing contractor can help evaluate the condition of the roof and recommend whether the damage can be repaired or if replacement is needed. There are some early signs that indicate a roof replacement might be needed.

The age of the roof is the most obvious indicator of the need for possible replacement. If the roof is over 15 years old, it may be time to consider the possibility of replacement. After about 15 years, many roofs will start to show signs of deterioration. Careful inspection can determine if the roof needs replacement or may last a few years longer with proper maintenance and repairs.

Missing or torn shingles indicate the need for further attention. Missing or torn shingles can expose the roof to water damage and rot. Damaged shingles can also cause surrounding shingles to loosen. Split or curled shingles lose their effectiveness at waterproofing and makes them more susceptible to wind or rain damage.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or gutters.

Rusted or missing flashing is another indicator of the need for further evaluation. Flashing is the metal that surrounds openings in the roof for chimneys, vent pipes and skylights. Flashing is also found in the valleys where different elevations of the roof come together. Rusted or missing flashing can cause leaks.

Damaged gutters, downspouts and splash pans are additional indicators of a potential problem. Debris from damaged shingles may be lodged in gutters. The gutters may be bent or rusted and allow excess water to penetrate the shingles and cause rotting.

Visible water spots on interior ceilings indicate the roof is leaking. The water spots could be caused from damaged shingles, cracked and dented flashing or attic leaks. Additional indicators of damage include discolored sheetrock, cracked paint or peeling wallpaper. All of these can indicate an undiscovered leak.

If a new roof is needed, generally the old roof is completely removed and new material is added. In some cases, new roofing can be applied over the old roof. Roofing professionals can evaluate the roof and determine which method is most appropriate for the homeowner's needs, budget and style of the home.

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