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There are various forms of metal roofing. The popularity of these systems has grown as the benefits have become apparent to builders and home owners. Metal roofing is made from a wide variety of materials. Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used materials in the roofing industry. Homeowners should contact a Dallas roofing professional before making a choice on the kind of roofing material to use.

Steel has been the material of choice, because of its affordability. When properly galvanized, steel becomes corrosion and rust resistant and can have a long life span. This is done by applying a zinc protective coating over it. To protect it further, an adhesive called epoxy primer is used. An acrylic coating is then applied to give it an aesthetic appeal, as well as offer added protection. Steel is a sturdy material that does not easily buckle, and its durability makes it a favorite in the roofing industry.

Aluminum, which falls closely behind steel in popularity, has its advantage in the fact that it does not rust. That said, it is a more expensive roofing material. As a standalone material, its disadvantage lies in its malleability.

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It is a soft metal that easily dents and cannot therefore be relied on when it comes to enduring harsh weather conditions. Both of these metals are coated with paint to give them more appeal.

Apart from these popular metals are other metals like copper and zinc alloys. The drawback to these metals when used for roofing is that they are very expensive; however, they are used for high end finishes. Copper is one of the best roofing materials since it does not rust and neither does it require a coating for a finish. It has a rustic color that is very appealing, even when it weathers with time. Copper is easily installed due to its moderate tensile strength. Copper is one of the most durable roofing materials available.

Stainless steel is yet another exquisite material. It is a low maintenance material, which is lightweight, allowing for a lightly designed structure. Its advantage lies in its rust proof quality. It also does not corrode and that makes it a highly durable roofing material. It is usually given a Terne coating. Stainless steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world, giving testament to its longevity.

Though expensive zinc alloys also offer near maintenance free service. Zinc is a high quality metal that can withstand weathering with grace. Due to its longevity, it ends up being less costly than its high-end counterparts.

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