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Metal roofing is no longer characterized by old, dilapidated corrugated tin. New metal roofing trends provide homeowners with better metal roofing options. Metal roofing is a popular choice because of the longevity they offer. The most common metals are steel and aluminum. However, you can also get copper variations in the market. An added bonus with metal is that it can be formed to resemble most traditional and contemporary roofing materials such as slate and Spanish tiles. Whatever metal you choose, you can rely on Dallas Roofing for professional installation.

There are basically five roofing metals that you can choose. These metals vary in price and longevity. Most people use steel as their preferred metal of choice because it's sturdy. Extensive research has been done to find ways to protect steel from rust. Most of the manufacturers use either a sealant, heavy duty paint or a zinc coating to protect steel from the elements that would tamper with its longevity. Stainless steel deals with the shortcomings of steel because it does not need any extra coating. It is impermeable to rust, and it is this anticorrosive property that makes steel an expensive roofing option. The beauty of stainless steel is that it can be coated to give it a more natural look. Coating removes the clinical and cold look of steel, giving it an aesthetic appeal.

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Aluminum is an ideal choice for people looking for a lightweight roofing material that does not rust. The only drawback is that just like steel, aluminum has a unappealing look. A coating can be added to make it look more natural. Aluminum is a popular choice for residential metal roofing.

Copper is increasingly being embraced as an accent roofing choice both for residential and commercial buildings. The major drawback to copper is that it does not retain its shine for a very long time. Over time, a green coloring may appear. Copper may be oxidized to form a blue or green patina, making it strikingly beautiful. Whether you opt for shiny reddish gold or the oxidized version, copper makes a beautiful roofing material.

Zinc is also one of the preferred roofing materials for architects and homeowners. Zinc is widely sought after due to its ability to adapt to different designs and styles, ranging from modern to traditional. It is also maintenance free. In addition, zinc has a natural look that does not fade easily; in fact, it can maintain this look for decades. Zinc is also noncorrosive and has an almost perfect water runoff. Due to its anticorrosive quality, zinc is widely used in coating steel and many other metals.

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