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Dallas Roofing: Article About Concrete Tiles For Long Lasting Protection

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Many homeowners are concerned about choosing the right roofing system for their home. While asphalt shingles have long been a preferred option for many homeowners, today, there are some excellent choices that might make an even better choice in some cases. For example, many Dallas roofing contractors are installing concrete tiles that offer a number of excellent advantages for many homeowners.

Concrete tiles are extremely durable and can provide long-lasting protection for many types of roofs. Today, these tiles are manufactured by combining concrete with sand and other aggregates, as well as various pigments. There was a time when concrete tiles had problems with chipping and peeling paint, but with the pigment added in during the manufacturing process, the concrete shingles are able to retain their color year after year.

Of course, concrete is a strong material. It is used in many phases of construction, including the footings and foundations of buildings. Concrete can withstand extreme temperatures, as well as years of exposure to the elements without showing signs of deterioration. Today's concrete roofing tiles often come with warranties of up to 50 years. That makes for a very long lasting and cost effective roofing system.

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One of the biggest advantages that concrete tiles can offer is the wide selection of colors and styles that are available. Many people are surprised to find that concrete tiles are even available in design styles that mimic the look of other roofing systems. For example, there are concrete tiles that look just like metal shingles, cedar shake, slate and other types of roofing materials. This ensures homeowners are able to find something that will look great on their home, while also providing an extremely durable roofing solution.

Another advantage concrete tiles can offer is exceptional energy efficiency. Many homeowners worry about the high cost of heating and cooling their home, but with concrete tiles, energy bills can often be reduced. A concrete roof has a tendency to keep a home cooler during hot summer days; however, during the cold of winter, it can help prevent heat loss. Energy efficiency is an important part of a cost effective roofing system.

Many homeowners also like the fact that concrete roofs are practically maintenance free. They stand up well to heat, rain, cold and hail. While homeowners should still have their roof inspected periodically, a concrete roof will typically need next to no maintenance. This not only helps save homeowners money, but it can also save them valuable time. Concrete tiles offer a no-hassle roofing system that is ideal for many homeowners.

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