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Concrete tile roofing systems come in different designs, colors, and shapes. Colors are usually added to the concrete rather than being painted on, and the surface of the concrete can appear smooth or rough. Some styles of concrete tile roofs mimic clay tile roofs for added charm. Like other types of Dallas roofing, concrete tile roofs come with an array of pros and cons.

Concrete is highly durable and should be able to withstand hail and strong winds without much damage. It's a hard, strong material that can't get torn up like other roofing materials can. Concrete is also resistant to fire damage. It is estimated to usually last about 50 years.

Other tile roofing materials cost significantly more than concrete. Concrete is therefore an economical choice for homeowners who seek a durable tile roofing system but don't want the cost of clay or slate tile. It also has a low long term cost since replacing broken tiles is a simple process.

Concrete tile can be made to suit a variety of architectural styles. The tiles come in flat and rounded types, and they can also be made to look like wood shakes.

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They come in a diverse array of colors to match the exteriors of homes. A main disadvantage of concrete tile roofs is the fact concrete is quite a heavy material, and housing structures need to be able to support it. Serious problems can result from placing concrete on a structure not built for so much weight. Some homeowners choose to use lightweight versions of concrete tile.

Because concrete is porous, it requires the application of sealant. Water can seep through pores that aren't sealed. Concrete tile roofing also can be difficult to install. These factors increase installation costs, making concrete tile a more expensive roofing system than shingles or metal roofing. The installation of concrete tile also requires special tools and takes longer than installing other types of roofing.

Maintenance is fairly simple for concrete tile roofs. In moist climates, moss and mildew growth can accumulate between tiles, and yearly pressure washing can help homeowners avoid this problem. Falling branches can crack tiles and require homeowners to replace them.

When tiles do need replacement, finding a color match can be difficult due to fading. Homeowners have the choice of leaving the uneven coloration or painting the roof with acrylic paint. Painting, however, must then be done every couple of years.

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