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Any Dallas roofing expert will tell a homeowner that a roof is more than just the shingles that cover it. In fact, the shingles or sheet metal that covers a given roof is simply the top layer of many that make up a roof system. This is why roof replacement means more than just laying down another layer of shingles. This article gives an overview of the different components that add up to a lasting roof.

When a home is first built, wood beams are used to form the skeleton of not only the walls, but also the roof. These beams are not designed to keep weather out, but rather are the structural support for the roof that is built on top of them. Insulation is placed on the inside of the roof structure, and then the wooden roof deck is nailed into place. The roof deck often overhangs the edge of the walls to form eaves.

Next, a layer of felt paper or other underlayment is applied to the roof. Originally, this served the purpose of preventing sap from the curing wood underneath from getting onto the backing of the shingles, but engineered lumber products have almost entirely removed this risk. Instead, this felt paper represents a last line of defense when the roof's shingles fail to keep out water.

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Felt paper is lightweight and water resistant, but is not able to resist moisture indefinitely. Exposed felt paper should be replaced and patched with shingles as soon as possible. In some areas of the country, a different but similar product called tar paper is used instead. Some roofing contractors use another product called ice and water shield, which is more weather resistant and easier to apply, but more expensive.

Once this layer is in place, the ventilation and other vulnerable areas of the roof are protected from exposure by the addition of sheet metal cut on site to fit the unique shape of the roof's joints, seams, and other vulnerable areas.

Then, and only then, are shingles put on the roof. Shingles are the waterproof protection of a home, but there are many layers underneath that provide backup when shingles start to wear and age. In most cases where a roof is leaking, there is much more damage to the roof than just a shingle out of place, which is why regular roof inspections are so important. Spotting the out of place shingle before a leak occurs can save the roof from needing costly repairs.

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