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Asphalt saturated felt is one of the most common materials used for underlayment systems. It is designed to provide the homeowner with an efficient way to protect their roof's deck while providing them with an even stronger degree of insulation. While Dallas roofing experts can help with the installation of this material, it may still experience problems after the project is completed. In order to make the most of this installation, it is recommended for homeowners to learn more about what common problems asphalt saturated felt underlayment systems may experience over the course of their life.

To begin, one of the first problems that these systems can experience is general poor quality. To guarantee that homeowners get what they paid for, there are numerous ASTM standards that exist to provide specifications for asphalt saturated felt systems. If the system is not approved by the ASTM, it may absorb water more readily and come apart even sooner. When water damage is absorbed too quickly by the system, homeowners will have to pay for a replacement in order to keep their rooftops protected in all situations.

Sometimes, the system may suffer from a general loss of volatile compounds.

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These compounds are necessary in the system because they are what keep the felt together and protected from moisture damage. Over time, as the compounds dissipate, the underlayment will become more and more fragile, resulting in it absorbing even more moisture. This happens particularly quickly when the roof is exposed to heavy heat. Poor ventilation is often the number one contributor to such problems with the underlayment system.

If the underlayment system is left exposed to the sun for too long, ultraviolet radiation damage can drastically shorten the life of the system. Anytime when the underlayment is directly exposed to sunlight, the UV rays will accelerate the system's deterioration. This can result in damage to the shingle as well, as the deteriorating felt material can cause damage to the surrounding fasteners. In areas that regular experience high winds, this damage can be further exacerbated by a sudden gust.

Finally, homeowners should make sure that the experts know what they are doing before they install the underlayment system. Installation damage is one of the most common causes of premature failures in these systems. When the underlayment system is first installed, it may be worn down by the foot traffic of roofers as they work. Experts will need to be careful to make sure that they do not damage the system.

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