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Every roof requires repairs at some point, but there is a clear-cut list of problems that occur more frequently than others. These problems range from minor to slightly worrisome, but a good relationship with a Dallas roofing company will make the repair process much easier.

Issues with shingles are the most common problem with roofs. Shingles blow off in high winds or become damaged from debris or age. How many shingles need to be repaired dictates whether the entire roof needs to be replaced or not. If less than 30 percent of the roof's shingles are damaged, then the roof is salvageable, but if more than 30 percent of the shingles are damaged, then the entire roof will likely need to be replaced. Thirty-percent doesn't seem like that much, but replacing that many shingles will result in a patchy appearance and will require a significant amount of labor.

The flashing surrounding the chimney commonly falls victim to deterioration or damage. The flashing surrounding the chimney prevents moisture from entering the space between the chimney and the shingles, and if it's damaged, it will quickly lead to a major leak.

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This is a job best done by the professionals because improperly installed flashing will be useless and create leaks that might not be found until the damage is significant.

Leaks will occur for a variety of reasons. Whether they're caused by a damaged shingle or rotted roof decking, finding exactly where they're coming from is difficult. The actual entry point isn't always where the water is pooling, and inexperienced people will often repair the wrong area. Depending on the location, it can take an experienced contractor all day to locate a leak, so this is something else that is best left to the professionals.

Poor attic ventilation will lead to a roof that deteriorates far more quickly than it's supposed to. A well-ventilated attic prevents condensation from settling into the roof decking or attic rafters. Any excess moisture in the roofing system will almost certainly lead to the roof's demise far before it's supposed to occur. Roofers or contractors will be able to install gable vents to increase the attic ventilation and decrease moisture build up.

Depending on the issue, roofing problems may require a few days' worth of work, or they might be able to be repaired in less than an hour. If there's ever any question on what needs to be fixed, homeowners should always consult with roofing professionals to prevent a small problem from becoming larger.

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