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When roofing problems are encountered, homeowners may feel tempted to prolong the repair process. While this "wait and see" philosophy may save money in the short term, these minor roofing problems can easily become eyesores, nuisances, and even emergency situations. Taking care of roofing problems immediately saves the homeowner money in the long term. Every homeowner owes it to themselves to be proactive about getting their roof repaired before the damage results in purchasing costly replacements. Dallas roofing professionals can help get any roof back in tip-top shape.

Some of the common causes of roofing problems are:

1) Lack of maintenance. Failure to correct uneven roofs will cause sediments and water to collect at a certain spot, causing damage to the roofing material.

2) Roof weathering. Direct exposure to harsh weather causes deterioration in roofing materials. In an industrial area, exposure to pollutants in the atmosphere can accelerate damage to roofing materials as well. Inorganic roofing materials (such as fiberglass) are more durable than organic roofing materials.

3) Strong wind. The strong uplifting pressure of wind can pull up shingles and the roof's membrane. If the exterior roofing and underlayment are not fastened securely, the layers can be dislodged by these forces.

4) Improper installation of flashing.

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The purpose of flashing is to create a waterproof seal between parts of the roof or between parts of the roof and the structure itself. If the flashing is not installed or not sealed properly, water will enter the roofing membrane, posing potential risks.

5) Rooftop equipment. Some installers like to install equipment such as air conditioner compressors and satellite antennas directly onto the roof membrane. This is a mistake. Mounting such equipment directly onto the roof membrane creates holes that will have to be dealt with when the equipment is removed. Also flashing is not usually used when this type of equipment is installed. This makes the area more prone to leaks. It would be far better to mount such equipment onto a support structure or roof curb.

6) Poor design. A weak supporting structure can cause roofs to sag and completely collapse under heavy loads. Improper sloping or sagging of the roof can cause poor drainage, which will lead to puddles of water seeping into the roof and leaking inside of the structure. Using incompatible roofing materials and failing to account for the expansion or contraction of the materials also cause a multitude of problems.

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