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Single ply membrane roofs like TPO and EPDM have taken the commercial roofing industry by storm over the past decade, and metal roofs continue to be a favorite for many local building owners. While these roofing systems provide excellent durability and performance, they aren't infallible. Keeping a commercial low slope or flat roof in good shape requires a watchful eye and careful maintenance and here are a few important tips.

Knowing the roof's strengths, trouble spots and potential problems is important. Facility managers tasked with taking care of a commercial roof should talk to their trusted Dallas roofing professional about their particular type of roofing. An experienced roofer can point out particular areas to watch, offer helpful advice for care and provide important information about the roof's warranty. All of this information helps facility managers maintain the roof and preserve the warranty's validity.

Consistent maintenance on these roofs is vital, especially since flat and low slope roofs can't easily shed water, snow, ice and debris. In a routine review of the rooftop, facility managers should make sure that all flashing is securely attached, drains and scuppers are clear of debris and the surface is uniform in appearance and free of leaves, tree limbs and sharp objects. If there are any seams on the roof system, they should be checked to verify that they are securely fastened and closed.

The roofing experts at Total roofing of Dallas TX can assist you with any questions regarding gutters or emergency repairs.

For single ply membrane roofs, facility managers should watch for blistering, cracking, tearing and splitting. All of those conditions are common signs of roof aging and damage, and they can lead to potentially hazardous roof leaks. In some cases, these problems can be repaired with acrylic based solutions, but silicone is an increasingly viable option. Whatever repair method is chosen, it should be performed right away by a professional to limit the damage and conform to the warranty's rules.

For metal roofs, it's important to ensure that the sealants around roof penetrations and edges are intact and gasket fasteners are strong and secure. Facility managers should watch for signs of roof distress and potentially damaging scratches on sheet metal roofs.

To preserve the roof's warranty, there are several important rules. First, regardless of the type of roof installed, limit traffic on the rooftop. Many commercial roof warranties prohibit foot traffic on roof surfaces because it can damage the roof. Also, don't make any roof modifications or add any rooftop equipment without checking with a qualified roofer and the roof manufacturer first. Putting a new HVAC unit on the roof without prior approval may void the roof's warranty and leave roof's vulnerable to damage.

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