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Considering a roof is built to last 20 or more years, selecting the right color for shingles when having a roof installed is important to homeowners. A homeowner does not want to realize a month after the new roof is in place that the color is too flashy or clashes with the rest of the house. Sometimes what a homeowner thinks will look good actually does not after it has been installed.

More importantly, the roof affects the resale value of the home, so homeowners who plan on reselling a home in the future must pay extra attention to what color they choose for their new roofing shingles. A Dallas roofing contractor can make recommendations for homeowners who are installing a new roof.

One concern homeowners have when choosing shingle colors is whether or not dark colors will cause the air conditioner to run more during the summer or heat up the attic. A study found that black shingles heat up the sheathing plywood 10 degrees more than white shingles. For other colors like grey and brown, the study found smaller differences. Assuming the home has proper air vents in the roof, this is no reason of concern. Homeowners should pick the color based on what they like rather than which color won't heat the roof to a higher temperature.

When contemplating which colors to use for the shingles, homeowners with brick homes or brick siding should compare each option to the brick color of their houses. This is arguably the most important factor to consider because brick color cannot be changed like paint or other siding materials.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding emergency repairs or roof maintenance.

Other homeowners must compare a potential shingle color to the siding or paint colors on their home to make sure the color scheme goes well together. If needed, the outside of the home can also be repainted to complement the new roof, and homeowners considering repainting after a roof installation should compare the shingle colors to new colors for the outside of the home.

A common blunder homeowners make when choosing shingle colors is to match them almost identically to the siding or brick. This results in a monotone color scheme that many perceive as boring or lifeless. It is recommended that complementary colors be chosen rather than using the same hue all over a house.

Multiple patterns should also not be used, because it can become overwhelming and, by reducing the curb appeal of the home, lowers the resale value. For instance, if the rest of the home features multicolor bricks, then a toned down shingle color is ideal.

When it comes to selecting a new roof, time and consideration are needed to ensure the homeowner remains satisfied with the decades long investment. Compare possible shingle colors with brick color, siding or paint colors to determine which will look best. For homeowners concerned about the resale value of their homes, extra care should be taken to get the most aethetically pleasing result possible.

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