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Birds can cause serious damage to a Dallas homeowner's roof. All birds have the unfortunate tendency to build nests in chimneys, gutters, downspout drains and even in the roof eaves. Small birds will search for openings to squeeze behind the soffit and fascia boards to build their nests. Bird nests can totally clog the gutters and downspout drains, causing water to back up during rains and rot fascia boards. This extra moisture can also encourage dry rot fungus to attack the fascia and spread to the soffits and on into the attic.

If a Dallas homeowner suspects birds have damaged their roof, contact a qualified Dallas roofing contractor to visit the house and inspect the roof for damage. A knowledgeable roofing professional can assess the damage done by birds and offer good advice for the roof repair, as well as reasonable rates for the job.

Unfortunately, roof damage caused by birds is not covered by most homeowners insurance, so it is important to address a bird problem quickly. Any delays in action could cause more damage to occur to the roof and make repairs more expensive for the homeowner. This is another good reason to schedule periodic roof maintenance inspections. A regular roof inspection would systematically reveal any seasonal bird damage or other problems that threaten a Dallas homeowner's roof.

The roofing companies experts at Total Roofing of Dallas can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or emergency repairs.

Birds also like to eat asphalt roof shingles and clay roofing tiles. Large birds, like crows and ravens, can do quite a lot of damage to these types of roofing material. These big birds will destroy clay tile roofs by continuous pecking. All birds will peck and tear away the layers of shingles, underlayment, waterproofing membrane and even roof decking. It is truly amazing the extent of damage birds will do to a homeowner's roof.

Another problem with birds is the excrement they leave behind on a roof. This bird waste can build up in some places and will need to be removed, especially if the birds roost on the roof overnight. Bird excrement is very acidic and will damage roof materials. Pigeons are some of the worst offenders because they like to roost on roofs. Turkey vultures will perch on a roof and leave huge, unsightly waste stains.

Birds can damage a house in other ways. Woodpeckers will peck large holes in a home's siding, looking for insect larvae in the wood. They will also make large holes in the fascia boards.

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