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Many homeowners choose to put asphalt shingles on their roofs because they look good and are effective against fire and water damage. However, many homeowners may not know what this type of shingle is made of or why it is so effective against the elements. Understanding the advantages of such a roofing material may help a homeowner feel more confident about calling a Dallas roofing professional and having asphalt shingles installed on their home.

An asphalt shingle has either an organic or fiberglass matting that provides structural support and acts as a base for other materials. The second layer is a coating of asphalt and other filler materials that give the shingle its traditional look. Finally, granules comprised of mortar or laminate materials are placed on top of the asphalt. These granules help the shingle protect itself against the sun, rain and extreme temperatures.

An adhesive strip is placed on the back of the shingle to allow it to bond with the underlayment as well as adjacent shingles. It will also allow the shingle to stay attached to the roof during periods of gusty or sustained high winds. These strips do not need to be removed or otherwise altered before or after they are placed on the roof. Once they are installed, the adhesive will be activated by the sun or any other heat source that happens to be nearby.

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The useful life of the shingle could be affected by the quality of the roof's deck as well as the felt paper used between the deck and the shingle. This is why a contractor may check for deck damage or for any wrinkling of the underlying paper. Wrinkling could lead to shingles that buckle or blow off the roof. Wrinkling is typically caused by rain that occurs after the felt is applied to the deck but before the shingles are installed. As damage is easier to spot and fix when the deck is fully exposed, a tear off may be preferable to re roofing if the roof is more than 15 or 20 years old.

The deck that such shingles are placed on should be made of wood or wood planks only. Although wood that is treated with preservatives or fire retardant materials may help that material last longer, it could also degrade the surface that the shingle is being laid on. While it may be possible to put shingles on decks made from oriented strand board, there may be issues with fastening the shingles to the underlayment or the deck.

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