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Dallas Roofing: Article About Asphalt Shingle Common Disadvantages

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Many home and property owners are attracted to asphalt roofing systems because of their low upfront cost and their relatively simple installation process. The material has become so popular that it is the number one roofing choice in the current market. Dallas roofing experts will always be able to provide their customers with a variety of asphalt shingle systems, but individuals should be sure that it is the right investment for their needs before they finalize their purchase. While it can be a highly advantageous system in the right situations, there are some disadvantages that customers will need to keep in mind as well.

To begin, it is important for interested customers to be aware that asphalt is sensitive to temperature changes during the installation. Because shingles have to adhere to one another during the installation process, it can be difficult for them to form that protective layer over the substrate if the local temperature is below freezing. As a result, it is vital for the roofing work to be done during the warmer months, as there can be long term problems if the system is installed in the cold.

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If the property owner chooses to risk the installation during colder weather, the roofing system may be compromised from the beginning of the installation.

Homeowners should also be sure to watch out for potential ventilation issues. If the attic is poorly ventilated, the longevity of the roof will be greatly affected. During hot summer months, the warm air from outside will collect in the attic, and under the heat of the dark toned roof, the trapped air can result in extensive moisture damage. This heat becomes a problem when it tries to escape through the attic and causes cupping issues. After the cupping occurs, the roof will not perform as well, which can lead to further issues over the long term. While cooler climates may be better suited to asphalt shingle systems, homeowners can sufficiently maintain their systems to guarantee that cupping issues are limited.

Finally, homeowners who are interested in a long term system may not find what they are looking for with asphalt shingles. This surfacing material has a much shorter lifespan than most other shingles. While this can be a negative trait for homeowners who are interested in staying in their home for more than 20 years, it can be a positive for those who plan on switching homes soon. They will not have to worry about future repairs if they are planning on selling their home.

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