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Dallas Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Tile Roofs

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Tiled roofs are not only durable and beautiful but also have other benefits and setbacks. Tiled roofs are heavy and durable. There are a variety of tile roofing materials to select from. Roofing tiles are usually made of clay, slate or concrete. Before a homeowner decides to use tile roofing, they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of the type they are considering. Getting this information will help them make an informed decision.

Durability is the first benefit of having a tiled roof, and these roofs can last for more than a century. With this in mind, they are by far the most durable roofs in the market. Additionally, they can withstand high winds, hail and even fires. Dallas property owners who install a tile roof on their property can expect to never have to install another one in their lifetime, and most Dallas roofing companies offer 100 year warranty on their tiled roofs.

Tiled roofs are available in a variety of choices, and come in a wide range of styles and color. These tiles are effective in matching home styles such as ranch, colonial, European or contemporary. While not necessarily true in the past, with modern manufacturing techniques, there is now a tile roof for every style of home.

Alternatively, a homeowner can decide to get a custom designed tile for their home.

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Most companies that manufacture such tiles can custom design them to fit their clients' needs. Custom designs are the best option for houses with especially unique designs. However, anyone interested in a custom design should be aware that it will cost substantially more than ready made designs.

Property owners interested in tile roofing should also be aware of the disadvantages of tile roofing. Individuals with a tight budget may find the cost of such roofs to be prohibitive. For example, the cost of a clay tile roof may be twice or three times the cost of an asphalt roofing system. The cost of a clay roof system can range from $675 to $1,400 per roofing square. For concrete tile roofs, the cost can be between $400 and $450 per roofing square.

Installation of roof tiles is quite challenging. This is the reason homeowners considering tile for their home's roof should always consult their local roofing professionals. Experts will ensure the tiles are measured, laid using a particular pattern and checked to prevent moisture from getting through. Homeowners should note that tile roofing is a project best left to the professionals who can ensure a lifetime roof for their home.

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